Why Are My Eyes Sweating?

“What is this?” I replied, still stunned. “Who are you? A reporter for the Daily News?”

He nodded with a smile. “I have some questions for you, Mr. Siegelman, if that is okay … ?”

The meeting began with our discussing what had happened to me—how I lost my father and how it affected me growing up in Alabama as the son of a legendary Alabaman attorney who was later elected governor twice on his own merit. We talked about the problems that plagued Alabama after my daddy left office in 2003—about corruption at all levels of government, about poverty and unemployment rates soaring during our darkest days. By now I was thick-skinned enough to easily brush off any complaints by these men (and their media surrogates) about Daddy not doing anything more than trying to make things better while he served as governor; they were also too smart not to know that most people would be listening carefully when they made such accusations against one of America’s most powerful governors ever elected on his own merits without having been bought off by anyone along the way like so many other politicians before him across party lines throughout time since democracy first appeared upon American soil. My publicist had also told them clearly that she’d only allow interviews on certain types of subjects or topics where we agreed beforehand; she didn’t want them talking trash because there had never been an open debate between us nor did her

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