Why Are My Balls Always Sweating?

’. The first response was ‘what’s wrong with your balls?’ and then I told them it’s because of the heat. They just didn’t get it, until one day my friend said “oh I know what you mean”.

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We were sitting in a bar when she noticed that her pants had changed colour. This made me so sad to hear as I remembered the stories my parents used to tell me about how they’d spent hours washing their clothes after swimming in a lake or something, but now there is no way we would ever do that – not even if we wanted our stuff to be clean for an extended period of time – unless we were going travelling internationally. That’s exactly what happened this summer when Laura and I travelled around Europe together: We got sick from all the sweat that came out through our pores due to sweating too much on buses or walking up mountains with heavy backpacks. You can imagine how gross those things looked! Just like everyone else has been telling us for years, “you don’t have anything against people who sweat excessively”, but instead most people are confused about why some people sweats more than others at certain times of year or places where it is cold/hot/humid/dry etc… My best advice is ‘just wear layers’ 🙂

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