Why Are My Armpits Sweating?

Yoga sweat that is. I’m not crazy, it really does happen! As you do your yoga poses, perspiration will occur and the salts in your body will be drawn to areas of increased heat. It can feel nice but it’s also pretty darn gross when you watch the beads roll down your arms. We don’t recommend doing yoga during a hot summer day with no air conditioning either but if that works for you then great! Just know that sometimes it just isn’t possible to cool down or go into an air conditioned room so sweat happens. And since we are talking about armpits here – there are some people who just have super sweaty pits (we call them “groin-sweaters) and nothing seems to help them keep their pits dry except wearing something like this:

Can men get deodorant?

There is no “right answer” to this question as every man is different but yes, most men can use deodorant if they choose to use one or prefer not using one because of personal choice/drying concerns etc.. If you want more info on how distinct each person smells (and why), check out our Deodorant 101 post by clicking here .** Scroll through the page all the way down for what applies specifically for men… **So many questions!! We went ahead and posted a helpful guide on how best apply antiperspirants/deodorants

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