Why Are My Armpits Sweating So Much?

This is a very common problem. Sweat can accumulate in the armpits and cause an unpleasant smell and even itching. This usually happens because there is not enough air circulation around your armpit area, which causes body odor to build up over time due to bacteria that grow through sweat. The constant accumulation of sweat means there is more room for bacteria to continue proliferating, resulting in increased sweating and likely smelling like you’ve been working out too much (BAD).

The best way to avoid this issue? Make sure you use deodorant every day! If it’s too hard for you, read our article on using natural deodorants instead below: Using Natural Deodorants For Athletes: How To Find A Good One That Actually Works!

What causes sweaty palms?

Sweaty palms are another common complaint mentioned above. They’re caused by an excessive amount of moisture trapped under the skin from sweating itself as well as other factors such as hormonal changes or certain medications. Because bulging veins can be seen when one has sweaty palms, many people assume they have high blood pressure but may actually just be dehydrated – so check with your doctor if unsure about why this might be happening!

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