Why Are My Armpits Sweating For No Reason?

I sweat a lot, but I don’t know why. Usually my armpits are dry and itchy because I wear deodorant all day (which actually smells like BO since my pits naturally smell). When I notice that they’re sweating, it only happens in the shower or when I’m wearing really tight shirts/blouses. And not too long after those times, the feeling goes away for good. What could be causing this? Am I hyper-hydrating myself? Do you think this is normal?

Answer: Hyperhidrosis is an excessive production of sweat from your underarms or any other part of your body where perspiration glands are present. These glands can become used to more frequent release of fluid so that extra fluid accumulates despite being dehydrated…you have what’s called ‘hyperhidrosis.’ The key thing to remember here is that if you start noticing increased underarm sweating on a regular basis then you need to see your doctor right away just to rule out some serious conditions such as diabetes or infection due to poor hygiene practices..not just assuming it’s something superficial like stress! Hope this helps!

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