Why Are My Armpits Suddenly Sweating So Much?

They’re normal. But the skin there is very sensitive, so you can sometimes feel it more than usual. Also, since sweat doesn’t evaporate as quickly as water in the air, it stays on your skin for a longer period of time. This makes us feel like we’ve been sweating all day when maybe we were only at work for two hours!

What does this have to do with men? Don’t worry—this isn’t about gender-specific problems either! Sweating is one of those things that just happens to everyone and affects everyone equally! That’s why I’m sharing information about these tips here rather than in a separate chapter written solely for women or men . If anything, some dude out there might find this stuff helpful too though they may never have had any problem with sweaty armpits before , right?! 😉

The good news is that if your pits are feeling especially dry and uncomfortable during hot weather months (or even year round), then keeping them hydrated will go a long way toward alleviating their discomfort . Just be sure not to use heavy lotions or creams because they can make wetness worse by trapping perspiration within the pores of your skin without allowing it to evaporate. Instead try using light lotions such as aloe vera gel or pure coconut oil instead. You’ll find more details on how I keep my armpits happy while living in warmer climates later on in

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