Why Are My Armpits Always Sweating?

The first time I realized my armpits were sweating was when I applied a deodorant. The second time was after using a product that had baking soda in it, which is supposed to promote perspiration by neutralizing the pH of the skin and allowing natural oils to be released. And now, years later, they continue to sweat at night even though I don’t wear deodorant and only use this baking soda cream once or twice a week (when we go out). What gives? Is there any way that someone could identify what triggers this kind of problem? Or perhaps it’s just normal??

Dear Ms Armpit:

According to many dermatologists, excess sweating in your underarms is not abnormal nor dangerous if you are otherwise healthy. If you like wearing deodorants or antiperspirants then reducing their usage should help with excessive sweating as well as lowering your risk for certain types of breast cancer. There may also be other conditions such as thyroid disease and anemia that can cause hyperhidrosis , but these would not be specifically linked to sweating in the underarm area unless those conditions were diagnosed and treated by your physician(s).

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