Why Am I Sweating With A Cold?

, how can i stop my head from sweating with a cold?

Answer: I have had the same question so here is what I do…

1. Get some good quality over the counter antihistamines such as Zyrtec, Benadryl or Claritin to relieve itching and soreness from your allergies. These are safe for children but need to be taken with food because they work by constricting blood vessels in your stomach and intestines which would cause you to get sick if not taken on an empty stomach. Be careful of taking too many of these though because they may make you drowsy or dizzy-like symptoms that make it impossible for you to drive safely, operate machinery or even put out a fire! They also interfere with some birth control pills which could potentially lead to unwanted results…so please use them responsibly!

2. Suck on ice cubes when necessary (or frozen vegetables), but only about every hour until there is no more sweatiness at all!! Do not eat before drinking water since this will dilute the effects of your medication. Drink plenty of restorative fluids like chicken broth/tea/lemon juice – try decaf coffee if possible! This will help flush excess toxins out through urination while keeping you hydrated at the same time ! It’s best not to drink any alcoholic beverages though..especially beer..since alcohol dehydrates just like anything else in this world does!! You don’t want that

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