Why Am I Sweating When I Wake Up?

I think it’s because your body is trying to cool you down. If you don’t sweat, the heat will accumulate and make you feel hotter than you really are. Sweating helps remove some of that heat from the skin. I know someone who sweats whenever he gets nervous or anxious about something, and his palms would be damp all day long on those days.

http://answers.yahoo.com//question/index?qid=20120801165522AAE8PFt can people sweat at night?

Yes they can! It depends upon what part of the world they live in though.. In my neck of the woods, I have been waking up with a hot towel on my head for as far back as I can remember…lol But here is a link which might help: http://www.askdrsearsrepublicationgrouponline.com/solutions/healthyliving/sweat-control-nighttime-sweaty-nights#ixzz2QKXcC4gA good site i got this from since i only asked about sweating during sleep not sweating when awake now ive been doing sooo much more research thank god lol anyway im going now to ask them how do i stop my perspiration……hope u guys had a nice weekend if its warm where you live rather tell me why am i sweating when i wake up?I think it’s because your body is trying to

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