Why Am I Sweating So Much While I Sleep?

And why am i so thirsty while i sleep? And why is my head so heavy when I wake up? You’d think that it would be easier to get up if you didn’t have all of these problems, but the opposite is true.

People who are restless sleepers typically can’t fall asleep until they feel like they’ve gotten a good night’s rest. They’ll toss and turn, often with their eyes wide open; many will dream that someone is trying to kill them or some other horrific scenario. People who are restless-sleepers often wake up in the middle of the night feeling confused and disoriented because they’re not sure what time it is (they sometimes don’t even know where they are). All this happens before your body has had enough time to prepare for another day on its feet, which makes people who are restless-sleepers chronically tired throughout their days—and worse yet, more prone to accidents at work or school because they’re sleepy behind the wheel (iStock/Ekaterina_S) . However, in spite of being exhausted most of the day long, people who have trouble falling asleep tend to have unusually high levels of energy during the night—their rhythms change into an active phase known as REM sleep (“dreaming” in Latin), when rapid eye movements cause muscles around your eyes and face to jerk spasmodically. But there’s a catch: REM sleep is also deep slumber , meaning that most people aren’t aware they are

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