Why Am I Sweating So Much When I Sleep?

why do i have a heart racing feeling when i sleep? why is my body so weak during the day and become more energetic at night? which hormones are involved?

Answer: Sleep is one of the most important physiological functions for human beings. When we go to sleep, our brain stops working and all activities that take place outside of sleeping will stop. During this period, our body enters into a state where it consumes energy from food intake and uses other sources such as skin fluxes or heat production in order to maintain its internal temperature. This process usually lasts about 8 hours but can last as long as 10 hours if it is cold outside or if you’re wearing warm clothes. In fact there are many cases were people who claim they didn’t fall asleep until after midnight because their bodies would keep waking them up due to low temperatures! As I said before, homeostasis occurs during this phase of sleep – your blood pressure should be stable, lungs need oxygenation but not necessarily gasping for air (if your heartbeat increases you exhale since you still have an adequate supply of oxygen), digestion works normally even though food goes through less processes each time around etc… However , there are several stages that occur within these phases between wakefulness and sleep such deathlike states known as “hypnogic/hypnopompic phenomena” . Hypnogic means “being awake while dreaming” whereas hypnopompic means “being asleep

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