Why Am I Sweating So Much Recently?

” i asked.

“maybe you lived in the tropics before?” he said, thinking that was what my sweating was all about.

and sure enough, when i moved to this place 3 years ago with its dry air and constant windchill temperatures below zero, my sweat glands became over-active again (or maybe they were like that already). but it wasn’t until now that i really noticed what a problem it had become. never having spent time in very hot places before (the only times ive ever been outside where it hit 40+ degrees celsius is on vacation), i didn’t know how big of an issue this type of heat can be for someone who has no natural resistance to extreme heat conditions. thought at least once every day during summer months would have been more than enough…but no! apparently these are just some tiny chinks of light..that are far too weak to reach the people who need them most! so if anyone’s wondering why there’s so much sweating going on lately – here’s your answer: because im sick of being cold! haha

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