Why Am I Sweating So Much Lately?

” the boy asked, looking over at his father. “Crummy weather we’re having. I wish it would stop raining so I can go down and see my kid brother in the basement of our house for a while…”

The older man nodded with a sigh. He looked back out into the rain as well, watching teardrops tumble from his eyes before they fell to the ground below them both with an audible plop! His gaze swept across all four corners of their yard, which was covered in yards upon yards of grass that stretched out endlessly before him with no end in sight. At one point he had owned more than twenty acres worth of property here but now only ten were left behind after his wife passed away five years ago without leaving him any money or assets to speak of when she died alone and penniless while living on her own small farm along side some old friends who helped support her while she lived there by themselves until he finally got around to selling off all his land and acreage so that he could start taking care of himself again after losing everything during several bad real estate investments he had made over time and also due to never being able to afford halfhearted medical treatment for an illness that affected not just him but everyone around him this whole entire summer, including little kids like himself who had never been sick or injured before either thanks mostly thanks thanks thanks thanks thank you goodnight thank you goodnight! Thats what i think about when

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