Why Am I Sweating So Much In My Sleep?

this is what you get for being so weak, i suppose.”

The kid was probably right about the sweat, but this time he didn’t look half so bad as last night. He looked tired and raggedy in his normal clothes though, which technically were still a bit too big on him given the fact that they’d been made to fit someone else, but it wasn’t anything compared to what he’d seemed like when he first got here.

He was just sitting there at the table with his head resting on one hand while staring down into his bowl of ramen noodles whenever I came back in from my shower. There weren’t any words to describe the expression on his face when I finally sat down next to him; if there had been then maybe I would’ve used them or invented them myself because even now after all these years…it never gets any easier for me not knowing how exactly you’re feeling inside without opening your mouth and saying it out loud yourself. Just looking at him gave me chills every time no matter how many times or where we went together afterwards; that expression alone could’ve ripped my heart out by itself if only I hadn’t known before it did something worse than hurting me: making sure that other people couldn’t see it too either. It made things so much easier for everyone around us than having another person who knew everything anyway since seeing their emotions through their eyes became more unbearable than ever all over again simply because nobody could do anything about

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