Why Am I Sweating So Much From My Armpits?

I’ve only been working out for a week and a half. I’m not sure if it’s normal to sweat this much from my armpits, but i have no idea how to stop sweating so much from them?


Post 26 How do i get rid of hair in my armpit area? It is very ingrown and painful when hair grows there because the skin gets wet and irritated. The hairs grow back thicker than before after shaving or waxing, even when you shave every day! But isn’t there anything that can help me solve this problem? My doctor says that he can’t treat this condition with medications or surgery. Thank you anon95744 for your questions: Yes, any kind of irritation in the armpits could cause these kinds of problems; however, we recommend laser treatment (dermabrasion) as one option for removing such unwanted hair growths. Please seek professional advice on dermabrasion treatments at an accredited medical center near you – use our search function above to find doctors nearby who provide such services. Good luck! view entire post


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