Why Am I Sweating In The Cold?

“I don’t know, but i think there is something wrong with you. I just want to see if you can complete the mission before our time limit runs out. You must prove that you are worthy of being one of us by showing your metal power!” he said as he turned around and began running away from his mansion again. “Hmph, what a weakling! He isn’t even worth living in my house anymore!!! Haha!! … Wait a minute… I wonder if it would be okay for me to stay here until tomorrow? It doesn’t look like any other human has been sleeping inside these walls since i left those paintings on the wall years ago… Okay then, let’s go try this once more!” The building seemed empty as Drizzt made his way through it. In many ways, this place reminded Drizzt very much of Menzoberranzan – except that the drow weren’t allowed into this area at all – so there were no guards or patrols anywhere near him now that he was alone inside the house again. However, for an elven elf who had grown up in a city full of monsters and dangers everywhere around him at all times…this sorta looked pretty darn peaceful…yeah..it did lol

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