Why Am I Sweating But Feel Cold?

I’ve been having a really bad cold/flu and am feeling like I’m going to die. I’m also sweating, but not in my usual way (i.e., it’s cool and salty) – it feels different when my shirt is wet with sweat; when my shirt is dry with sweat, the moisture isn’t noticeable at all. It feels very heavy when i touch it against my skin, like i have a bunch of dead bugs on me or something gross like that.

My stepmom got sick too about 2 weeks ago because she picked up some sort of flu bug from her daughter’s friend who went to Hawaii for spring break – this time last week, she was fine.. SHE’S STILL SICK ALMOST A WEEK LATER!! And now i feel terrible! 🙁

Anyway… what could be causing this? What should i do? I live in Washington State so there are always tons of weird bugs around here… hmmmmm….. 🙂

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