Why Am I Sweating At Night?

Q. Why is my face hot?

A. This may be caused by the thyroid gland, which acts like a thermostat for your body temperature. It controls how fast or slow your metabolism runs and responds to fluctuating hormones such as adrenaline (a stress hormone). When it malfunctions, it causes hyperactivity of the sweat glands (which can cause sweating) and facial flushing (hotness). However, if this becomes problematic you can learn more about what you can do here: Thyroid Health Symptoms & Treatment: What You Should Know

Q. Why am i breaking out on my forehead and chin?

A. The most likely cause of acne in this region is an excess production of sebum from oil producing glands called sebaceous glands located on the skin’s surface [2]. These are also known as ‘oil-producing glands’ – these produce natural oils that keep our skin healthy and moisturised [3] – but when they become overactive they produce too much oil that we cannot wash away with soap or shower gel [4], causing breakouts due to blocked pores [5]. More information on why acne occurs in these areas can be found here: Acne Vulgaris Causes | Acne Home Remedies | How To Get Rid Of Red Skin On Face Naturally | Best Anti-Acne Tips For Women Over 30 . Click Here for all articles related to acne! Treatments include prescription antibiotics, topical antiseptics such as

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