Why Am I Sweating A Lot?

16:27 – The idea of a moistening mask, soaking your face with water.

17:34 – This is the first time I’ve used a Clarisonic and it’s awesome. It doesn’t seem to have that many benefits other than putting my skin into overdrive, but I might be missing something from all those fancy cleansing routines recommended on YouTube by dermatologists.

19:49 – One thing that bothers me about the Clarisonic is how expensive it seems–I can buy an entirely new set for less money than what you pay for just one brush head! But oh well…for now at least, this facial cleanser has been working really well. Sometimes when I use a different cleanser right after washing my face with this stuff (like if I forgot to wash before going out), my skin feels much more dry and flaky afterwards as opposed to how it usually feels after using nothing but soap or even petroleum jelly/hand sanitizers because those are actually drying things instead of “moisturizing” things as advertised by product labels. So far three weeks in and no problem here though!

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