Why Am I Sweating A Lot More Than Usual?


I’ve had CFS for almost 5 years now. For the first two years, I was able to manage it with only 1-3 days of illness each year (1-2 since I started working full time). The last 2 years, however, my entire life has been affected by this condition (and yes, I do take meds!). This month has been especially bad; without taking meds or having any breaks from work/school, I’m at 70% of what’s considered normal function and activity level. Of course all the tiredness is making me sweat more than usual so now it seems like my whole body sweats…isn’t that supposed to go away after a while? Some times when I used to have an episode here or there in high school or college before getting sick seriously enough to be diagnosed medically with CFS back then –once even seeing a doctor just because my head felt so much better than usual after recovering for about 3 weeks– would not leave me feeling exhausted for over a week at most. It usually took me anywhere from 4 – 10 days before feeling “normal.” So why am i sweating more than normal right now? And does anyone else have this problem too?

Anyone know how long it takes someone who is totally cured of CFS/ME/CIDP etc..to get refinded into their former selves again.? Has ANYONE researched how long someone needs to rest and rest and rest some more BEFORE

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