Why Am I Profusely Sweating?

i am 32 years old. i have been suffering from rhinitis, sinusitis for over 6 months now. i was diagnosed with asthma about 7 years ago but the doctor said that it is non-responsive to drugs. he prescribed some inhalers and antibiotics but they did not work at all. my condition worsened over time and i started having attacks which made me very weak physically, especially on my right side where my heart is located.

the only thing that helped during these attacks was if i took antihistamines or used nasal sprays containing decongestants (to open up the nasal passage). these are what doctors advised me to do in this situation – which led to more frequent medication usage by myself as well as visits to two different ENT clinics and specialists in respiratory diseases each lasting a minimum of one day each. additionally, I had decided to visit a nutritionist because there were so many things wrong with me: skin problems such as acne, boils and warts; bloating; allergies; excessive sweating; depression/anxiety due to lack of proper sleep etc…my diet consisted mostly of fast food because when you’re depressed it’s tough to motivate yourself for healthy eating habits – just like weight loss has become almost impossible for me since November 2013 when I started getting sicker every day until late December 2013 when I finally got an answer from doctors stating that there were no other diseases causing my illness aside from Sarcoidosis (which itself causes massive inflammation

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