Why Am I Not Sweating?

why am i not hot? why cant i get it up? because your bf is a woman! lol, you’re just playing around with him, he doesn’t mind. just have fun! don’t worry about being gay or straight if you are having so much fun with the guy.

Anonymous 12/06/18 (Sun) 01:26:35 AM No. 456288 >>456280

That’s awful. I hope they find her soon That’s awful. I hope they find her soon

Anonymous 12/06/18 (Sun) 02:34:11 AM No. 457009 File: 1541912910973_chloe-grace-moretz-lauderdale-florida-pastelblue1_.jpg (63 KB, 640×1095) ImgOps Exif Google Chloe in Pastels Looks like she got better after all these years… but still weirdly off model for some reason.. and that skin tone….. ughhh…. giving me life at this moment omg…

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