Why Am I Not Sweating During My Workout?

It could be a number of things. You need to keep in mind that when you are working out, your body is producing lactic acid. This is because the muscles are breaking down and causing micro tears so they can heal properly. If this does not happen, then there would be no growth or healing. The lactic acid breaks down muscle tissues for this purpose and that’s why you might think you aren’t sweating during workout but actually, the amount of sweat produced by your body when it works hard during exercise is enough to cover most of your entire body with sweat (if not all). So what causes people to feel like their bodies do not produce any sweat? It could be stress, anxiety or even lack of sleep which can make them lose weight very quicky without making them realize it (i know i used to suffer from these three problems cause before my workouts i felt really well rested yet after my workout i felt slightly tired; however once i started exercising regularly these symptoms vanished completely). Another thing that causes people who listen carefully during their day-to-day activities like talking on cell phone while driving cars etc., they don’t break a sweat at all because they take precautions so much both physically and mentally so as not to get stressed out by work related situations which will lead them being sweaty after an hour long drive across town just for instance..so many things could go wrong here..your heart rate drops due having too much stress level dropped while driving

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