Why Am I Cold And Sweating At Night?

i have a roommate she has a cat. one time the cat jumped on my bed and i was sleeping in there with her. when i woke up, it was really cold in that room especially because of the heat vents right by the door. then later that night, even though it wasn’t that cold anymore, i found myself sweating all over my body due to how hot my sheets were feeling (I’m talking like an incredible sweat). I never get sweaty at night unless its extremely humid out or air conditioning is pumping through our apartment but this did not feel like either of those situations.

the only other weird thing about this situation is that sometimes when she’s home we’ll be sitting next to each other watching tv and suddenly notice the temperature drop about 10 degrees which seems kind of strange considering where we are located (our livingroom/kitchen area) but whatever ill just chalk it up as just environmental factors affecting our room..

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