Why Am I Always Sweating At Night?

” and “why am i always cold?” I realized that all those symptoms were the result of a disorder called Raynaud’s disease, which basically means poor circulation.

I had this condition for many years but only went to the doctor about it when my hands started swelling as well as my feet—in fact, they continued to swell even after I quit smoking cigarettes.

So now we know two things: First, there is no such thing as a miracle cure; second, it pays to go see your doctor every year and get checked out if you have any unusual problems like these—and if you want to avoid having them in the first place!

What Is Raynaud’s Disease?

Raynaud’s disease is an autoimmune disorder characterized by episodes of vasospasms (spasms) in small blood vessels. The spasms cause pain and sometimes redness at their sites of contact with air temperature extremes such as cold or heat. This works much like frostbite or sunburn on exposed areas however it affects our internal body parts so that pain can be felt internally not just externally on cuticles or skin surface areas where temperature changes are experienced. An episode lasts from seconds to minutes but can last up to three hours depending on environmental temperatures experienced during one occurrence.[40] This condition has been around since 1875 when Dr Jean-Louis Barrault described cases in his book Le mal de froid.[41

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