Which Term Means Excessive Sweating??

) and TTS.

I had a few spells of this in the last couple years – but it was never bad enough that I would seek medical help, or have blood tests done to find out what was wrong with me. It just felt like one day I was okay, and the next day my hands were sweaty all over. No grayish tinting of the skin at all – no darkening around the nail beds or any other problem areas on my hands. Just super sweaty palms! And some days, there wasn’t even anything to be worried about – just sweatiness everywhere (even under my arms). But yes, excessive sweating is so annoying! For anyone who has experienced TTS…how did you cope? Did you go back to your doctor right away? Or try things like using hand sanitizer before bedtime?? Any suggestions for how to deal with this type of excessive sweating would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone!!

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