Which Of The Below Structures Responds By Sweating When The Body Is Overheated (Thermoregulation)??

Does it respond by sweating when the body is cold (thermoregulation)?

A. Sympathetic nervous system (SNS) B. Parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) C. Anterior pituitary gland D. Posterior pituitary gland

8-5 A 12-year-old boy had a fever for 10 days and was treated with acetaminophen and ibuprofen, which of the below structures would be stimulated to produce sweating in an effort to reduce body temperature? Does it respond by sweating when the body is overheated (thermoregulation), as well as under conditions of high temperatures? Does it respond by producing sweat only when there is no need for thermoregulation? Which structure responds first–the parasympathetic or sympathetic nervous systems? The hypothalamus does not maintain heat homeostasis: Which of these structures fails to receive input from the hypothalamus and thus fails to produce any response whenever there is no need for thermal regulation?

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