Which Is A Way For The Body To Conserve Water During Periods Of Heavy Sweating??

The answer was that it is a way to prevent overheating. I guess you could call this the “cooling system” of the body – especially important for people who are very active or live in hot climates!

The creatine transporter also seems to be implicated in urinary retention, and its function appears to be impaired in people with certain diseases of old age such as dementia- Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). As we get older, our cells don’t function quite as well as they used too at reabsorbing water from our urine. In addition, high protein diets increase the pressure within our kidneys causing them to retain water and salt. This results in increased fluid retention by the kidney(s), which can lead to swelling due to excess fluid surrounding nephrons(the filtration unit of kidney) resulting into lower back pain.. The most common treatment for this is simply getting rid of excessive protein from diet when eating less than 0.8g/kg bodyweight per day.[96]

According to Bodybuilding.com opinion article on creatine supplementation [10] Typical loading doses for men are 20 g/day split into 4 servings of 5 g each, with 1 serving being 2 g creatine monohydrate mixed into 8 fl oz of water taken during a meal. It is reported that it takes 3-5 days before patients feel enhanced levels of energy; this improvement may continue but tends to diminish over time [9]. For example,

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