When A Person Loses Fluid By Sweating, What Minerals Are Lost In Greatest Quantity??

A. Sodium, potassium and chloride.

38. What is the function of the large veins in the abdominal cavity?

A. To transfer blood from one area to another so that nutrients can be transported from the intestine to other organs such as heart and brain

39. The heart has a paired systemic artery originating at what point on its course? It then runs lateralward over what part of the aorta before entering into each ventricle? And finally it bifurcates into a right and a left main stem just after which junction it enters into each sinus node which effuses impulses up its branches directly to body tissues via an independent system of interconnecting arteries called arterioles? Assuming this description is correct, how many times does each pulse beat occur since there are two separate systems for conveying impulses to different areas of tissue?? If you get 3 pulses per full cardiac cycle (60 beats/min.), how fast would your heart have been beating if you were doing 60 beats/min.? Answer: 120 beats/min.- =)

40. Why does an infant’s breathing rate slow down during sleep when respiration dies down completely? Answer: The central nervous system doesn’t respond when airway muscles relax-as they do during sleep or when we fall asleep; so even though our respiratory rate drops off, our alveoli still take in enough oxygen for us not to need supplemental oxygen through nasal cannulae while sleeping because

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