When A Person Loses Fluid By Sweating Or Bleeding, What Minerals Are Lost In Greatest Quantity?

a) sodium b) potassium c) calcium d) magnesium e) iron f ) lead g ) zinc

35. Which of the following is NOT an increase in protein synthesis?

a) Starvation b ) Chewing gum c ) Alcohol cording to the law of mass action, what weight must be added to a unit mass of sugar when it is dissolved in 500 mL solution? 36. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is found mostly in vegetables and fruits, cannot be stored by _________ animals because all cells are destroyed during their development stage. 37. The area under a graph represents ______ times the number used on the Y axis divided by _______ 38. A person’s blood pressure can be reduced through dietary changes or with drugs that interfere with . 39–40 What does not cause acute poisoning from eating too much chocolate candy at one time? 41-42 The most effective treatment for diabetes mellitus involves diet, exercise , smoking cessation, and oral administration of insulin taken every morning before breakfast..

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