What Would Cause Profuse Sweating?

A: The body is trying to cool off. Although it may not be obvious, the reason why people sweat profusely when they are hot is because of the heat produced by their bodies. This excess heat causes them to perspire profusely in an attempt to cool themselves down and reduce any discomfort that they might experience due to this heat.

Q: I have had two colonoscopies in my life (20 years apart) and both times showed no polyps anywhere in my colon. However, after each one I developed unexplained diarrhea for about six weeks followed by vomiting for four days at a time over a period of three months or so – then everything would go away without much warning except perhaps nausea during the day when eating certain foods like eggs or shellfish. Since rectal bleeding was rare before, it’s hard for me to think there’d be blood in stool if there weren’t polyps present but I don’t want another test just because what happened previously occurred again! Could you tell me what tests should be done? What could cause these symptoms which only last once every few years? Do you know anything more than can be said here? Thank you!!

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