What Was The Sweating Sickness Of Tudor Times?

a deadly fever that took the form of a rash and caused terrible pains in your head, though it wasn’t until later years did the doctors know what was causing this disease. It spread quickly through Europe, killing thousands and if you were lucky enough to get away from it, only half of those who contracted it survived.

The sweating sickness could be caught by touching someone else with an infected person or simply breathing in air which had been breathed out by such a person. For this reason The sweatings sickness was also called “the plague”. Some people thought they got better after a few weeks but often died within days. This very contagious illness lasted about 3 months before going into remission for another year or so – then coming back again! There is little known information on exactly how many people died during this period due to lack of records but estimates will vary between 12-20 million deaths worldwide when all are combined together according to history books at least since 1500s till today when there have been over 60 million cases reported from 1900 onwards!

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