What Was The Sweating Sickness In The Tudors?

a. the sweating sickness was a disease that caused people to lose large amounts of water or sweat through their skin, which lead to death in most cases.

b. the sweating sickness was one of many diseases that plagued people during the tudor period. c. The sweating sickness was called scrophula in Latin and it can be translated as “naked man” because it is believed that they were caught when naked for washing, bathing, etc…d….The cause of this illness is unknown but some suggest poor hygiene may have played a part..e….It could also be related to poverty since there are records stating that working class families suffered more than others f……They died from dehydration and/or blood poisoning g…..Some believe is related with weather conditions like cold wet winters h……..Others say it could just relate to poor nutrition i ….A combination of these factors may have led to its spread j …..There are even rumors about vampires causing it k…….But none really know what caused this mysterious illness l .What do you think?

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