What Was The Sweating Sickness In The Middle Ages?


Any other suggestions on how I can help them out? The dead guy was a minor noble so it should be easy enough to find his relatives or something, but if anyone has any leads they’d like to share that would be great!

Robtard What about this one?

Grave of Sir John de Lisle by JMW Turner (1775—1851) in the Churchyard at All Saints Church, Hampstead, London; c. 1808 – c. 1810; Oil on canvas; H: 71 cm (28 in); W: 61 cm (24 in); Sir John died aged 80 years old and was buried here at 1741-12-22 having lived for 79 years since the time he left Ireland as an infant with his family when William III invaded Ireland during the Nine Years War which started 1594-1603 during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign. Sir John attended Trinity College Dublin where he studied law before becoming MP for Kildare between 1702 and 1707 , MP for County Carlow from 1695 until death , Knighted in 1600 by King James VI & I who became King of England after Elizabeth’s death under the title King James II . He then served as Agent General to Portugal between 16

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