What Was The Sweating Disease?

No, never heard of it. What did the poor boy die of? I lost my head for a moment and said ‘bacillus’ before I caught myself. And then you laughed at me.”

“I thought that was what your cousin had worked out,” said Poirot dryly. “But never mind! We are not concerned with this now! The important thing is to find out where Mrs Inglethorp spent her time between three o’clock in the afternoon on Friday, October 31st, and ten o’clock at night when she went up to bed.”

He stopped for a moment or two, frowning pensively into space. Then he resumed his pacing up and down the room again. It seemed very long before he came back to us once more in answer to an impatient little gesture from Miss Howard’s hand by way of invitation to resume our questioning.

“Mrs Inglethorp told me her movements after luncheon,” he announced suddenly in his rather shrill voice – “as well as anyone could tell them over so short a period without any definite records being kept.” He paused dramatically, tapping his finger-tips together slowly – “She left here shortly after four o’clock; walked across the village; passed through Chepstow; turned into High Street by Little Paddington Church; walked all along that till she reached New Road Roundabout where she waited until nearly six thirty when she took bus number

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