What Was Sweating Sickness?

To be diagnosed with sweating sickness, you had to survive the initial infection for at least five days. This was followed by an acute phase of fever and generalized inflammation. The final stage before recovery was characterized by leukocytosis (a condition where there were large numbers of white blood cells in the blood). You also required a high viremia or virus level in your bloodstream, which indicates that it’s spreading throughout your body. A low level of leukocytes can also indicate that you’re recovering from sweatng sickness, but may not necessarily mean that you’re cured if they go back up again after several months.

What is bacterial meningitis? What causes it? How does one get infected?

Bacterial meningitis is an infection triggered when bacteria finds its way into the middle ear cavity through a small hole known as Eustachian tube opening located at the back of each inner ear, which connects ears to nose . Bacterial meningitis occurs more frequently during winter season because cold weather worsens eustachian tube patency and allows entrance of potentially pathogenic organisms , such as Haemophilus influenzae type b(Hib), Streptococcus pneumoniae group C serotype 3(SPG3) and Neisseria meningeis subspecies diphtheria toxoid conjugate vaccine strains[1]. Transmission involves close personal contact between two individuals who have been exposed either through airborne droplets or direct dro

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