What To Use To Stop Sweating?

Many people who suffer from excessive sweating have no idea that it is the result of an underlying medical condition. The following are some answers to commonly asked questions about hyperhidrosis, and what to do if you’re suffering with this problem:

The first thing I would recommend you do is seek out a doctor’s advice as soon as possible. The sooner your condition can be addressed by an expert, the better your chances are for effective treatment. Many specialists also run clinics specifically for patients with hyperhidrosis problems, so make sure to ask them before taking action without consulting someone specialised in diseases related to sweating.

There are many options available when it comes to treating excessive sweating, including prescription medication or Botox injections into the sweat glands (called parasympathetic blockade). Although these treatments can help improve symptoms significantly, they will not treat existing conditions like diabetes or other issues that could be causing excess perspiration. Your doctor may suggest lifestyle changes such as diet modifications, increased water intake and weight loss programs which should reduce excessive sweat production on their own over time.

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