What To Put On Armpits To Stop Sweating?

A: Try some deodorant, antiperspirants (usually aluminum chloride), or if you sweat excessively, try a product called Be-Panty. It’s made of pantyhose saturated with baking soda and is supposedly safe to use on your armpits. You can keep it in your shower for easy access so that every time you wash yourself it will come off easily after drying. And yes, you do have to wear the hosiery underpants over them — but they are disposable, so just throw ’em out when finished with one pair!

Q: What are the best tips I can give someone who has lost tons of weight by dieting only? Should I begin exercising again?

A: Yes! Start eating normally again as quickly as possible. It may be hard to believe at first, but after losing considerable amounts of body fat without working out too much or doing any real exercise program — it is very important that people get back into their regular routine after having lost all this weight with no effort expended at all except perhaps not eating enough food during the first few weeks following its loss. The result is usually an accumulation of toxins within the body which basically causes everything from fatigue to depression to hair loss (albeit temporary) until they start eliminating these toxic materials via urine output and possibly even vomiting or diarrhea depending upon how badly affected one feels by such symptoms (and whether anyone notices). If there were ever a “downside” associated with shedding

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