What To Do To Stop Sweating?

If you notice that your hands sweat a lot, or you have a rash on the back of your neck and itches, consider talking with your doctor. Sweating is an important part of thermoregulation. It helps cool us down when we are hot and regulates our body temperature in response to weather changes by removing excess water from the skin. In rare cases where sweating can be excessive or prolonged (called hyperhidrosis), hormone imbalances may result in overactive sweating glands in certain areas of the body such as underarms, feet, hands and scalp. Overactive glands can also cause rashes around these areas called halos which may itch or burn in response to stress caused by excessively high levels of toxins being released into circulation through sweat gland activity.

While many people experience mild versions of this condition at times throughout their lives, severe cases become so severe that they interfere with normal daily activities such as wearing clothes without causing discomfort for days afterwards. There is no cure for excessive sweating but treatment options include:

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