What To Do To Stop Armpit Sweating?

The most effective way to get rid of armpit sweating is not sweat the armpits. Sweat only comes from your pores, and if you stop sweat production in your body, there won’t be enough moisture for the skin to sweat. There are two methods that can help reduce or eliminate this problem:

Using antiperspirants on underarm areas will keep them dryer by blocking sweat glands with a small amount of aluminum chloride salt which helps prevent unwanted wetness where it’s applied. Antiperspirant products typically have an odor, but they are worth using because they work so well at keeping sweat out of the area being treated. If you choose not to use an antiperspirant product, consider washing with soap frequently or wearing sports bras while working out instead.

If you’re still experiencing excessive sweating in your armpits after trying these methods, see a doctor for treatment options that may be more appropriate for what’s causing the problem.

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