What To Do About Sweating?

the number 3 problem of the 21st century is sweating. and people sweat anywhere from 20% to 40% of their body weight each day, which means it’s a serious problem. we’re talking here about excessive perspiration that leads to all sorts of aches and pains, besides causing bad odors on clothes and bedding (think mold or mildew). if you can’t sleep because your sheets are stinking up the room, check out our tips for eliminating body odor in this post. [image: ] [image: ] [image: ] why is my doctor telling me i need some sort of supplement?

supplements—if they help you get through an appointment or work out better—are fine; but only when they’re safe and effective! many prescription drugs come with health risks attached. these include heart palpitations (from some blood pressure medications) as well as sexual dysfunction from certain antidepressants. so before popping a pill…read labels carefully! what kind of supplements do i take?

we’ve got several kinds at homebase supplement store , including vitamin A pills for eye problems such as dry eyes, zinc lozenges for cold sores/fever blisters, calcium tablets for osteoporosis prevention,…and best-of-all a multi-vitamin just right for most young adults’ needs. unfortunately studies have shown that many multivitamins don’t actually prevent us from getting sick—they just delay how long it takes

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