What To Do About Excessive Body Sweating?

Dr. Mavabharati: The experts advise that, in most cases of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), the subject should not undergo any medical treatment. The most important reason for this is that no known cure has been found to date. Another reason is that most people who suffer from excessive sweating are embarrassed by their condition and would like it to disappear without having it treated medically or surgically, or both. If they go on a regular course of medications with side effects which aggravate the problem instead of resolving it, they will have even more difficulty coping with their hyperhidrosis when the medications are stopped after some time. Hyperhidrosis can be so severe as to interfere with daily activities such as work, school or social life; while others may simply find that living under conditions which expose them to an abnormal amount of heat makes them feel uncomfortable and prevents them from doing anything at all–at least until air conditioning becomes available in every home!

Allopathic medicine does not treat body sweat glands directly but addresses underlying causes such as stress related mood disorders, hormone imbalance due to various reasons including birth control pills taken by millions worldwide since 1920s , thyroid problems caused by over-medication during childhood/adolescence , chronic fatigue syndrome , hypoglycemia etc .

Ayurveda advocates natural approaches only – there are no side effects whatsoever associated with Ayurvedic treatments because they address root causes rather than symptoms It is therefore better for sufferers of hyper

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