What Stops You From Sweating?

It’s impossible to stew in the heat without sweating, so you need to lower your body temperature. One way of doing this is by staying out of doors as much as possible and drinking plenty of water.

8 What causes sunburn?

Sunburn usually occurs when ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun penetrates through clouds or on overcast days. A few minutes’ exposure will cause redness around the neck and face, which may blister if it gets too hot. Sunburn can occur at any time during summer although most people are more susceptible between 11am and 3pm during winter months because UV rays are weaker then than they are in summer. It is advisable not to expose children under 12 years old directly to sunlight for long periods; instead send them indoors where there is good shade provided by buildings like schools or playgrounds with trees nearby.

9 How does sunscreen work?

The chemical ingredients that make up a SPF 15 sunscreen absorb some wavelengths of radiation but allow others through – these ‘filters’ can’t stop all harmful UVA/UVB rays, but they do reduce their damaging effects on skin cells (sun damage). The level at which you should apply your sunscreen depends on how much time you spend outside each day; however, even though many products state that they have a broad spectrum protection factor (SPF), it isn’t necessarily true: only those who have been tested claim an SPF rating higher than 50 actually provide 100%

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