What Makes You Wake Up Sweating?

You wanna know if I got that power or no? You don’t even care about the other guys, you only want to see me. It’s because of me.” He was looking at her face now. “I can make you do whatever I want, Nellie. That’s what it is -”

She grabbed him by his collar and pulled him out of bed with little effort, pushing him against the wall in front of her door until he couldn’t breath anymore. “Shut up,” she said quietly but firmly over his protests – which were too muffled for anyone to hear anyway, anyway she didn’t care if they heard them or not right then because their bodies were pressed together so tightly there was no room left for thought. She leaned her head down on top of his shoulder so that they could both look at each other again when she spoke without straining too much – although still loud enough to be understood through closed doors and cracked walls if anyone cared enough to listen through the squaller noise spilling in from all sides in this part of town: “It’s time we started talking like adults.”

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