What Is The Sweating Sickness Called Today?

“Malaria,” the doctor said. “That same disease. You don’t look it today, but you’d better get yourself to a sanitarium right away. It’s very contagious and there are no cures for it in most places of Europe any more than there are here. And I didn’t say that you had malaria; I just asked if you had fever or chills—and then when your body temperature rose too high my suspicions were aroused.”

I put on my hat and coat and moved toward the door with him, not having anything else to do at present except go home and rest until he came back tomorrow morning with whatever test results he could find in his files so that we could talk again about all this nonsense about vampires!

It was later than usual when I got home, which meant that I was late getting prepared for bed since the only thing left undone before retiring was eating supper—the main meal of each day in our household being breakfast—so by the time Diana appeared in her nightgown beside me after her shower she found me still sitting up reading proofs from some article submitted anonymously to an English magazine entitled The Vampire: An Authentic Case History (for Which There Is No Explanation). We both agreed that it would be best if she went straight to sleep without saying anything further tonight as neither one of us seemed able to concentrate on either sleeping or talking just now without thinking about what we should have

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