What Is The Sweating Sickness Called Now?

“It is called typhus.”

He gave me a sideways look, like he was wondering what I was doing there in the first place and if it had anything to do with his sister. The sweat started up again on my forehead and neck, and for a second I thought about wiping them off on my sleeve because that seemed like something you would do to get rid of something nasty that someone said or did. But then I just stood there with this stupid sour-milk face, trying not to think about how much time we were wasting here until his father came out from the kitchen saying: “Thank God you’ve come! You must help us find her! She won’t eat or drink anything at all—not even milk. And she never goes outside anymore … she doesn’t even go upstairs anymore … but when I went down into the cellar last night after lighting the candle in case one of you boys should come round asking questions about her mother . . . well, she wasn’t there either! That woman has deserted us without so much as a word of farewell or warning … didn’t even take our gold watch which had been lying on top of her chest by the bed since last Christmas before leaving—she can have it back now if she wants it—and took nothing else except two pieces of bread under-the-counter too big for any use except stuffing birds with them… only no

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