What Is The Sweating Sickness Called Now??

) and a few other diseases. I know, this is not a disease – but fear makes it easier to see how these things could happen!

Stillbirths, the common case of babies that die before they are born or shortly after birth, can be caused by infection with viruses or parasites such as malaria , toxoplasmosis (a disease associated with eating undercooked meat) , cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes simplex virus (HSV), varicella zoster virus (commonly known as chicken pox).

Infectious disorders occur when an infectious agent infects the mother during pregnancy. An example of a disorder in which an infectious agent may cause problems for both mother and baby is syphilis . This organism enters through blood-to-blood contact from another person who has been infected while still in their teens. The fetus then contracts the condition if the mother doesn’t have effective treatment . Other examples include rubella , HIV/AIDS, genital herpes , hepatitis B virus infection, human papillomavirus(HPV) infections among others. In general these conditions should be easily treated within 6 months after detection to prevent serious long term consequences for both mother and child.

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