What Is The Purpose Of Sweating??

what are the benefits of sweating?

The purpose of sweating is to cool down. It’s a way to keep your body temperature at an optimal level, while also helping you shed excess heat via evaporation. When sweat glands are activated, your skin releases sweat which contains water and salt – this helps dilute the fluid in your body so that it can be removed through urination or excreted through your pores. Sweating also provides protection for our internal organs, acting as a natural form of “thermal shock absorption” – if we didn’t have these protective mechanisms built into our bodies already, then every time temperatures get too high or cold enough for us (or when we’re exercising) we’d die! All animals need to maintain their ideal body temperature (around 37-38 degrees C) otherwise they’ll overheat and swell up; humans only experience mild distress when their core reaches 39 degree C but above 41 degrees can lead to death by suffocation/shock due to hyperthermia .

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If We Don’t Have These Protective Mechanisms Already… Then Every Time Temperatures Get Too High Or Cold Enough For Us (Or When We’re Exercising), We’d Die!

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