What Is The Medical Term For Sweating?

I have a skin condition called hyperhidrosis and it makes me sweat all over my body. I also get very hot in general. Sweating is such an important part of surviving but when you are sick it’s so uncomfortable to wear clothes that don’t let your sweat out. It creates a huge problem when I’m at work because I only wear business suits and they’re either stifling or soaking wet with the sweat from my face and arms. When people see me sweating like this, they think something is wrong with me (they don’t know about the hyperhidrosis) which makes them nervous around me until we can catch up on what’s going on – usually by talking about sports! There isn’t enough research done for us to make proper diagnoses yet, but if any doctors would like to help find answers for our conditions (or even just plain old answers), please contact us at info@hyperhidrosishelpersnetwork.org

What causes hyperhydrosis? Is it genetic? What types of sweat glands does one have? And how do you stop excessive perspiration?

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