What Is The Meaning Of Sweating?

We sweat because we need some moisture in our bodies. When we get too hot, more water is lost, and the body sweats to try and cool us off.

How can you help your child understand that sweating isn’t something bad? You can talk about how it helps keep the skin from getting too dry; it also keeps our bodies clean. If your child says they feel sweaty or sticky after playing outside for a while, explain that this happens when perspiration moistens his or her clothes so they will stay cool and comfortable during exercise and anytime he or she goes outdoors.

What Is Heatstroke?

Heatstroke is a serious medical emergency caused by an excessive loss of fluids (dehydration) combined with high temperatures due to exposure to very warm conditions such as those experienced on a sunny day in summer. It occurs most often among young children who get into heavy play outdoors on extremely hot days without proper clothing for protection against heat exhaustion (see “Why Does My Child Feel Hot”). They may not be aware of what has happened until their temperature rises enough to cause them distress—for example, a 100°F fever in a 90°F environment could kill them quickly unless treated immediately with fluid replacement therapy provided by someone trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques (CPR). A person suffering from heatstroke must be transported immediately for treatment before damage occurs to the brain stem which controls breathing muscles if air cannot reach it through lungs unable to inf

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